Frequently Asked Questions

If my participant is new to the First Tee and golf, at which level should they start?
New participants with no golf experience ages 7 and up will start at our PLAYer level. Any new participant who is 5–6 will start at our PrePar level.

If my participant is a golfer but new to the First Tee, at which level should they start?
Contact our Director of Golf at 757-563-8990 to discuss.

Is experience necessary to participate?
No experience is necessary. We will teach you everything you need to know.

How do I register and pay for programs?
There are several ways to register for programs. You can visit us at 2400 Tournament Drive for a tour of the learning center and to sign up in-person, review program details and register online or you can visit any YMCA.

What is the cost for program classes?
$75 for a PrePar six-week program (1 hour each week)
$90 for a PLAYer, Par, Birdie and Eagle six-week program (1.5 hour each week).

Each six-week session comes with a free membership for your child. He/she may come out to play or practice as much as he/she would like during the duration of the session. Family membership can be added for $20/month if you’re an active YMCA member and $45/month otherwise. This covers all members living in the same household.

What is the cost for summer camp?
Full-day camp (ages 7+):
$170 per week for a YMCA or First Tee member
$190 per week for a nonmember
Full Day Camp runs from 9am–4pm. Extended care (7:30–9am/4–6pm) is also available for full-day campers for an added weekly fee of $50 per child.

Half Day Camp (ages 5–6):
$80 per week for YMCA/First Tee member
$95 per week for a nonmember
Half Day Camp runs a morning program from 9am-12pm OR an afternoon program from 1pm-4pm.

Where do we meet for our program?
Virginia Beach programs meet in the First Tee classroom, unless otherwise specified.

How do we know if class is cancelled for weather?
Classes are rarely cancelled at the First Tee. However, if we deem the weather too dangerous to drive, we will send you an email and make phone calls. Please make sure your contact information is up to date and accurate. You can also call the First Tee after lunch to check specifically on any decisions made.

What should my participant wear to class?
Golf attire is preferred but not required. We are encouraging collared shirts to get the children used to proper attire on the course and no jeans, please. Also, make sure your participant is wearing athletic footwear.

Does my child need golf clubs?
Only if you want to bring your own…otherwise, we have plenty for the kids to use and there is no additional costs to you.

If my child cannot attend my normal scheduled class, can we attend another class during the week?
Yes, we can certainly accommodate with ample notice, but please advise our director of golf of the change. We plan accordingly with coaches and students ratios and need to prepare.

How will my child progress through the program curriculum levels?
Once your child meets the minimum age requirement and certifies at their current level, then they can move up.  Any decisions outside of these parameters will be made by our director of golf.

As a parent, what should I do during class?
Parents are welcome to stay and observe. We ask that you refrain from participating in the class and allow the coaches to teach. You can also drop your child off and return at the end of class for pick up.
Note: Should you be interested in volunteering, please contact us for an application.

How can I support the organization?
Please donate! Your gift in any amount will prepare kids and teens for their futures.